"Neapolitan Flute Concertos - Carlo Ipata (Flute), Auser Musici" "Franz Schubert: Complete Works For Violin, Vol. 2"

Stravinsky: Monumentum; Mass; Symphony Of Psalms Chopin: Piano Sonatas Nos.2 & 3 - Olga Kern (Piano)

Classics On The Accordion Mambo Jambo

Turkish Bellydance: Nasrah Sounds Of Mongolia

Powwow Songs: Music Of The Pla Planet Didge (Australia)

Cajun & Zydeco: Alligator Walk Johnny Almond Music Machine: Patent Pending - Johnny Almond Music Machine

Modern Bellydance From Lebanon Wind Riders: Renaissance Of Th

Road To Esfahan: Art Of The Sa Master Of The Chinese Erhu

Samba Do Brasil River Songs Of Bangladesh

Anthology Of Traditional Songs Art Of The Armenian Duduk

V 2: Queens Of Fado Gypsy Rumba Flamenco (Spain)

Tango Argentino: Libertango Music Of Kyrgyzstan

"Garrick, Michael: Cold Mountain - Michael Garrick" "Surman, John: Jazz In Britain '68-'69 - John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Tony Oxley, Kenny Wheeler"

V 3: Best Of Greece Bagpipes Of Latvia

Best Of Africa Masters Of The Flute

Irish Pub Songs Kvandal: Orchestral Works

Glee: The Music The Power Of Madonna Adderley: Bad Language

Tightrope Walker I Love To Sing

Walt Maddox & The Marcels Great Hit Sounds

New Directions 2010 Essential Highlights Of Kari K

Lights Out Violin Concertos (2pc) / (Hybr)

Napoleon Call Me Flott

Quintet For Piano & Strings In F Minor Piano Quintets In E Flat Major & G Minor Sextet

Fantasy Idyll Romances & Ballads For A Cappella Choir

Symphony No 9 D Major Ballets Russes 6

Ida Haendel Plays Tchaikovsky & Dvorak 2 / Violin Geza Anda 2

"Tribute To Louis Prima, V. 1" Piano Works 4

Overtures & Stage 2 Most Beautiful Cello Concertos Of The 19th Century

Bedouin Tribal Dance: Egypt Music Of Southern India

Best Of Algerian Rai Best Of Chile

Tango Argentino (Argentina) Best Of Latin America

Drums Of Burundi (Africa) Hilda Bronstein Sings Yiddish

Chinese New Years Music Master Of The Indian Bansuri (

V 2: Sahara Groove African Kora

Latin American Hits For Bellyd Carnival In Rio

Shadow Of The Lotus: Classical V 2: Masters Of Percussion

Salsa Power (Latin America) Samarkand & Beyond (Central As

Hafla Bellydance Party Bazaar Marrakesh (Morocco)

Music Of Belarus World Travel: Celtic (Ireland)

World Travel: Scotland World Travel: Middle East: Bel

World Travel: Greece Turkish Traditional Music

Mystery Of Fado (Portugal) Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pi

Traditional Music Of Slovenia Calypso Invasion (Africa)

Rembetika & Greek Popular Musi Celtic Folk Songs (Ireland)

Spirit Wind: Native American F Gypsy Music Of The Balkans

Irish Fiddle: Man From The Wes 20 Best Syrtakis From Greece

Gypsy Flamenco (Spain) Polynesian Chants

Oud Masterpieces Music Of The Whirling Dervishe

Klezmer Carpathian Music Best Of Zakir Hussain (India)

Flower Of Scotland Tangos & Milongas (Argentina)