Europe (Serbia). Best Of Gypsy Brass (Lp) - Fanfare Ciocarlia Europe (Romania). Ghetto Blasters - Mahala Rai Banda

"Black, Stanley: All-time Top Tangos/Spain - Stanley Black" "Aldrich, Ronnie: Two Pianos In Hollywood/Invitation To Love - Ronnie Aldrich"

"Aldrich, Ronnie: Two Pianos Today/Soft And Wicked - Ronnie Aldrich" "Black, Stanley: Intimate Percussion/Exotic Percussion - Stanley Black"

"Black, Stanley: Moonlight Cocktail/Sophisticat In Cuba - Stanley Black" "Muller, Werner: Percussion In The Sky; Wild Strings - Werner Muller"

"Kenton, Stan: Stan Kenton Today - Stan Kenton" "Goodman, Benny: Benny Goodman Today - Benny Goodman"

"Gibbs, Michael: Tanglewood 63 - Michael Gibbs" Mantovani: Old & New Fangled Tangos; Folk Songs Around The World - Mantovani

Hi Fi-esta/Perfect For Dancing; Dance Again "Black, Stanley: More Top Tangos/Spain Vol.2 - Stanley Black"

Mantovani: Romantic Hits; Mantovani By Mantovani - Mantovani "Aldrich, Ronnie: Reflections/With Love & Understanding - Ronnie Aldrich"

Mantovani: Mantovani/Hollywood; The World Of Mantovani - Mantovani A Salute To Glenn Miller/Ted Heath Salutes...

"Michael Garrick Sextet: The Heart Is A Lotus - Michael Garrick Sextet, Norma Winstone" "Gonsalves, Paul: Humming Bird - Paul Gonsalves"

Chitinous Ensemble: Chitinous - Chitinous Ensemble Mike Westbrook Concert Band: Love Songs - Mike Westbrook Concert Band

Africa. Echoes Of Africa - Early Recordings - Various Artists Africa (Morocco). Arabo-andalusian Sufi Songs - Ensemble Ibn Arabi

Earth-wheel-sky Band: Waltz Rromano - Earth-wheel-sky Band Middle East (Iraq). Voice Of Mesopotamia - Farida & The Iraqui Maqam Ensemble

Caribbean (Cuba). Santeria - Sacred Drums - Wemilere "Pepper, Art: New York Album (Sacd Hybrid 2-channel) - Art Pepper, Hank Jones, Ron Carter, Al Foster"

"Pepper, Art: So In Love (Hybrid Stereo Sacd) - Art Pepper" "Pepper, Art: The Intimate Art Pepper (Sacd Hybrid 2 Channel) - Art Pepper"

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Mardi Gras (Sacd Hybrid) - Creedence Clearwater Revival "Muller, Werner: Latin Splendor; On The Move - Werner Muller"

"Ros, Edmundo: Arriba; Bongos From The South - Edmundo Ros" Mantovani: Stop The World; Greatest Gift - Mantovani

"Aldrich, Ronnie: Love Story; The Way We Were - Ronnie Aldrich" "Ferguson, Maynard: Mf Horn 2; Ballad Style - Maynard Ferguson"

"Hylton, Jack: Jack Hylton Vol. 5: Last Round Up - Jack Hylton" "Chacksfield, Frank: Vintage 52; Country Hits - Frank Chacksfield"

"Sumlin, Hubert: I Know You - Hubert Sumlin" "Goodman, Benny: On Stage With Benny Goodman & His Sextet - Benny Goodman"

North America (Mexico). Lila Downs Y La Misteriosa En Paris - Live A Fip - Lila Downs Humble Pie: Smokin' (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ Dsd) - Humble Pie

"Donaldson, Lou: Blues Walk (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ Dsd) - Lou Donaldson" "Hooker, John Lee: The Hot Spot - Original Soundtrack (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo & Multi-channel/ Dsd) - Jo"

Asia (India). Nine Decades - Vol.1 - Ravi Shankar Asia (India). Nine Decades - Vol.1 (Lp) - Ravi Shankar

Europe (Portugal). Leva-me Aos Fados (Lp) - Ana Moura "Silver, Horace: The Tokyo Blues (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo/ Dsd) - Horace Silver"

"Green, Grant: Idle Moments (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo/ Dsd) - Grant Green" "Green, Grant: Green Street (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo/ Dsd) - Grant Green"

"Martin, Ray: Favourite Tv Themes Vols.1 & 2 - Ray Martin" "Stapleton, Cyril: Great Movie Hits Vols.1 & 2 - Cyril Stapleton"

"Chacksfield, Frank: Immortal Classics; Immortal Lullabies - Frank Chacksfield" Mantovani: Strauss Waltzes; Mantovani Favourites - Mantovani

"Ros, Edmundo: Tonight's The Night; Decca Rarities - Edmundo Ros" Mantovani: Mantovani Magic; Concert Encores - Mantovani

"Howard, Johnny: The World Of Johnny Howard; Moonlight Serenades - Johnny Howard" "Melachrino, George: Immortal Ladies; Under Western Skies - George Melachrino"

Ambrose: Hors D'oeuvres - Ambrose Africa (South Africa). Hope (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo) - Hugh Masekela

"Jones, Rickie Lee: It's Like This (Sacd Hybrid/ Stereo) - Rickie Lee Jones" Michael Garrick Sextet: Black Marigolds - Michael Garrick Sextet

"For Young Lovers, Where The Sun Is *" Mantovani: All American Showcase - Mantovani

Europe (Scotland). The Tartan; Scottish Saturday Night - Kenneth Mckellar Mantovani: An Evening With; More Mantovani Magic - Mantovani

"Chacksfield, Frank: Film Festival/King Of Kings - Frank Chacksfield" "Black, Stanley: Broadway Blockbusters/Broadway Spectacular - Stanley Black"

"Valente, Caterina: Sweet Beat; Schlager Lieder - Caterina Valente" "Surman, John: John Surman - John Surman"

John Cameron Quartet: Off Centre - John Cameron Quartet "Surman, John: Tales Of The Algonquin - John Surman, John Warren"

"Kenton, Stan: Live In Europe - Stan Kenton" Paris For Lovers: Avec Moi A Paris *

"Ros, Edmundo: In Concert - Edmundo Ros" "Muller, Werner: On Broadway; Hawaiian Swing - Werner Muller"

"Black, Stanley: Dimensions In Sound/ Tribute To Chaplin - Stanley Black" "Aldrich, Ronnie: All-time Piano Hits; Melody & Percussion For Two Pianos - Ronnie Aldrich"

"Keane, Shake: That's The Noise - Shake Keane" "Garrick, Michael: October Woman/Wedding Hymn - Michael Garrick"

Africa (Cape Verde). The Spirit & Soul Of Cabo Verde - Various Artists "Ferguson, Maynard: Mf Horn 4 & 5; Live At Jimmy's - Maynard Ferguson"

"Black, Stanley: Love Story; Great Stories From Wwii - Stanley Black" "Horne, Lena (Vocals): Lena, A New Album - Lena Horne (Vocals)"

Kenneth Mckellar Songs Of The British Isles Mantovani: Waltz Encores; American Waltzes - Mantovani

"Black, Stanley: France; Russia - Stanley Black" "Chacksfield, Frank: Globetrotting; Hawaii - Frank Chacksfield"

"Muller, Werner: Spectacular Tangos; Gypsy! - Werner Muller" "Aldrich, Ronnie: Emotions; Tomorrow's Yesterdays - Ronnie Aldrich"

"Ros, Edmundo: Dancing With Edmundo; Heading South Of The Border - Edmundo Ros" "Ros, Edmundo: Calypso; Calypso Man - Edmundo Ros"

Mantovani: Songs To Remember; Incomparable Mantovani - Mantovani "Heath, Ted: Big Band Percussion; Beatles, Bach & Bacharach - Ted Heath"

"Whiteman, Paul: If I Had A Talking Picture Of You - Vol.1 - Paul Whiteman" Mantovani: Gypsy Soul; Stereo Showcase - Mantovani

"Goodman, Benny: Live At Carnegie Hall - 40th Anniversary - Benny Goodman" "Ros, Edmundo: Ros Expo '70; Ros In Japan - Edmundo Ros"

"Chacksfield, Frank: Immortal Serenades - Frank Chacksfield" "Melachrino, George: Our Man In London; Lisbon At Twilight - George Melachrino"