Swing 7 "Club Hangover Broadcasts - April 3,10,17,24 1954"

Say Yes - Arbors Piano Series At Mike's Place 2 Bags & Trane (Mcup)

"Shostakovich: String Quartets No 3, 7 & 8 / Borodin Quartet" Buenos Hermanos

Here I Go Again Happy Hour

We Are One Plastic Palace People 2

Burning The Daze "Jessel: Schwarzwald Madel Highlights / Mattes, Kusche, Et Al"

"Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No 1, Etc / Pletnev, Pesek" Stars

Shawn Sahm Dialoghi

Dream Into Action All Nite

Barefoot: Joanne Pearce Martin Levelling The Land

Stumble Into Grace Angela Winbush

Levert Sweat Gill Roots

Sounds Of Joy Inner World

All Time Greatest Hits (Can) Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy (Can)

Best Of (Can) Rarities B-sides & Other Stuff

Race Groovin

Stayin In Original Sun G.h.

Best Of Bob Welch (Mcup) Francisco De Penalosa: Missa Ave Maria; Sacris Solemniis; Missa Nunc Fue Pena Mayor

Best Of (Mcup) Bann: As You Like It

In The Air Pure Energy 4 / Various

Out Of The Darkness (Can) Give It All You've Got (Can)

Razz (Can) Vivre Dans La Nuit (Can)

Journal Intime (Can) Duo (Can)

El Mundo (Can) Terre Des Hommes (Can)

Heading West (Can) Tempted (Can)

Musique Interieures Vision

Shake It Up-do The Boogaloo Perfect Love Affair

So Many Men So Little Time Call Me

Immortal Star Funk 1 / Various

Star Funk 3 / Various Star Funk 5 / Various

Collection Kilowatt

Star Funk 12 / Various Greatest Hits

Melodies You Hardly Know Me

I Like What I Like Only You

Rare Preludes 4 / Various Greatest Hits

Caroline Greatest Hits

Be Thankful Mighty Body

Yes I'm Ready Watch Out

Star Funk 13 / Various Star Funk 28 / Various

S Beat Terror Trax 1 / Various

Terror Trax 2 / Various Terror Trax 5 / Various

Smooth As Silk Full Bloom

Lifetime In The Middle Of The Ocean (Jewl) Prelude Greatest Hits 4 / Various

Could It Be Love Sweet Release

That's Love Dance Megamix 2 / Various

Gang War Combat Zone

Chirpin Hold On I'm Comin'

Star Funk 29 / Various Star Funk 30 / Various

Star Funk 31 / Various Star Funk 34 / Various

Star Funk 35 / Various Star Funk 36 / Various