Essercizi Comp Works For Kbd-vol. 1

Con Vn/Hp Roman Fever

Mikrokosmos Hunyadi

Four4/Legacies 4 Chbr Music

Opera Paraphrases Db/Orch Don Giovanni-comp Opera

Sym 4/5/Ov Egmont Sons & Partitas Solo Vn

Tribute To Giuseppe Verdi Chili Con Tango-music Mand/Gtr

Solo Kbd Music Vol. 6 Vn Duet/Son 2 Vns

How Slow The Wind Preludes/Orpheus/Tasso/&

Trombone Music Very Special Album

Piano Works Heaven Laughs The Earth Enjoys

Sings Richard Strauss Little Pearls Of Czech Classic

Con Vn/Romance Vn 1/2 Waltzes 1-8/Fest March/Polonai

Soldier's Tale/Octet Winds/Sym Schelomo/Con Vn/Orch/Hebrew St

Bandidos/Pictures/Son Gamba/Fa Piano Music-vol. 2

Playgrounds For Angels Royal Music For A Royal Instru

Pre Pno (13)/Soundtrack Medley Sings Wagner

Freischutz-comp Opera Traviata-comp Opera

Evocacion I My Best-beloved's Am

Y Bolanzero Hungarian Dances (21)

Anna Bolena-comp Opera Duos For Vn & Vc

Son Cl (A Flat Major)/(B Flat Major)/(F Sharp M)/& Comp Cons Ob

Exsulta/Gaude/Filia Sion/Anima Nostra/& Son (2) Vc/Nocturne & Saltarello

Trio Pno 1 (B Flat Major)/2 (Gm)/3 (Fm)/4 (Em) Complete Recitals 1956-59

Drumbeat & Late 1950's Uk Hits / Various "My Fair Lady / John Mauceri, Kiri Te Kanawa, Jeremy Irons"

"Mozart; Beethoven: Piano Concerto No 5 / Szell, Curzon" Adventures In Coverland

Aroldo-comp Opera Sym 1

Mass In (Gm)/Mass In (D) Major Cecchina-comp Opera

Cons Vn/Sinf Quattro Italian Bassoon Concertos

Requiem-comp Opera Lucrezia Borgia-comp Opera

Trovatore-comp Opera Definitive Early Hits

Lonely Blue Boy / Very Best Organ Works-vol. 11

Trio Pno (Gm) Op. 3/Trio Pno ( Sound Of Baroque

In Norway Diana Amate

Missa (D)/Te Deum Canciones De Las Americas

Transcendental Etudes/Hungarian Rhap 2/6/12/15 Comcertos For Imre Magyari

Giustino-comp Opera Sym 8 (F Major)/4 (A Major)

Solo Kbd Music Vol. 8 La Francaise

Three Jewish Poems Meistersinger-comp Opera

Toccata & Fugue (Dm)/Partita Vn 2-chaconne (Dm)/& Kaleidoscope Of Cantorial Music

Lohengrin-comp Opera Missa Solemnis Op. 123

Don Chisciotte-comp Opera (Italian) Cpm Vc 1/2/Ste Cisalpine/Con 1 (Am)/&

As You Like It/Dream Play/Romeo & Juliet Son Ob/Hn/Bn/Trio Va/

Gregorian Chant/Holy Week/Easter/& Con Pno 23 (A Major)/Romeo & Juliette Ov/&

Armida-comp Opera Turandot-comp Opera

Expressionismus Piano Works-vol. 11

Motets & Madrigals For Two Sop Flute Music At The Berlin Cour

Eesti Portreed: Portrait Of Es Con Pno 2/Sinf (D Major)

Court Music In Wurzburg-chbr M Symphonia Sacra-symphony Of Li

Sym 6 Sinf/Sym 6