Comp Con(S) Kbd Vol. 9 Qts Str-vol. 3-qt 5/6

Cantatas-vol. 12-cant 21/147 Qnt Ob/Qt Str/Inventions & Pos

Cantus Borealis Finlandia/Swan Of Tuonela/Spri

Trio Sons-comp I'm A Slave To Your Beauty-heb

Rolando Di Berlino Sinf/Sym-in Matilde Di Shabran-comp Opera

Labyrinth Trio Pno/Vn/Vc/Rilke Lieder/No

Sings Haydn/Beethoven/Mozart/B Lute & Guitar Music Of The Baroque Era

Northerne Wind-music Of Walter Frye Kneller Hall Live

Challenge! Vasilissa/Ergo Gaude/Kyrie/Fons Bonitatis/&

Sinf/Glagolitic Mass Vespers Of Saint Wenceslas

Sym 9/Ovt Carnival Sym 1-3/At Twilight

Syms 3/5 Play Beethoven/Mendelssohn

Rinaldo & Armida Op. 49/Little Ste 2 Op. 78/& Sym 2 (Em)/Sym Rhap-spring/Sym Movt-genesis

Missa Paschalis/Profundis/Ave Maria/& Classical Kirkby-orpheus & Corinna

Jupyra-comp Opera/Cauchemar Poesis Orch/Greetings From An Old World/&

Con Vc (Bm) Op. 104/Water Golbin Op. 107/& Sym 2/Con Vn/Armenian Ste

Songs-vol. 4 Cantatas-vol. 19

Missa Choralis/Agnus Dei/Psalm Variations (54)

Famous Opera Ballets Baroque Daydream

Hungarian Dances Son Pno/Ballade

Favorite Oratorio Choruses Midsummer

Easter Oratorio Fant/Son

Credidi Paolo & Francesca-lyric Drama

Con Large Orch/Durer Sym Wally-comp Opera

Trionfo Dell' Onesta/Ser 2 Sop/Vn/Venere E Amore/& Marche Ecossaise/Menuet Antique Op. 7/&

Merry Music For Children Viola Space Japan 10th Anniversary

Griselidis-comp Opera Maschere-comp Opera

Qt Pno (Am) Op. 7/(B-flat Major) Op. 41 Son 2/4/Sinf Camera (Cm)/Son (G)/&

Son Vc (A Major) Op. 69/(Gm) Op. 19/& Sons (13)

Nuit Tous Les Chats Sont Gris Ov Op. 35/& Notre Dame/&

Sepctrum Sxofonis-vol. 2 Danzas Espanolas Op. 37

Con (2) Vn/Qt Ob/Tpt Bn/Pno/& Son Pno 1 (Fm)/Toccata (C Major) Op. 11/&

Norwegian Dances Op. 35/Sym Dances Op. 64/& Czech Boys' Choir

Song Book For Isabella Con Pno 2 (Cm) Op. 126/Intro Allegro Appassionato

Live Con Pno 4 (G)/5 (E-flat)/Con Vn/Orch Op. 61/&

Italienisches Liederbuch 1-2/Morike-lieder/& Con Vn/Orch/Smy 7

Six Duets For Clarinet & Piano Works For Clarinet & Piano

Isabeau Francesca Da Rimini

Ernani La Fanciulla Del West

Cantatas Vol. 2 (1872-1960) Twentieth-century American Music

New Dimensions Sym 1/Orchestral Picture

Rhapsodie Hungroise Lieder & Duets

Music For Musical Clocks 100 Years Plus On The Guitar

Italian Cantatas Songs

Pieces Gtr/Pno Works For Co

Garbage Con/Rock Sym Cons Vn (2)/Con 2 Vn/Con On/Vn

Youth Production/Allegrettos/R Howard Goodall's Big Bangs

Tales Of Hoffmann/Eugene Onegi Sings Mendelssohn/Schumann/Sch

Fidelio Requiem Afternam

Flights Of Angels/Four Short Stories Chamber Music