"Sinfonia, Symphony No. 2" La Mort De Tintaglies

"Hidden Sparks - Violin Works By Carter, Machover, Melby," Chamber Works For Violin

Concerto For Oboe & Orchestra Clouds Of Forgetting

"Symphony No. 1, Symphony No. 2, Symphony No. 3" "Concerto For Oboe, Concerto For French Horn, Concerto Fo"

Music Of Inspiration Ritmo Jondo

Chamber Music Chamber Works

Who Was It Sang That Song A Hero Of Our Time

And The Butterfies Begin To Sing Gone City - The Chamber Music Of Donal Fox

"Bassoon Variations, Duo, The Winds" A Jazz Set

Dreaming The World Columbia-princeton Electronic Music Center 1960-73

"Piano Quintet, String Quartet No. 2, Fantasy Variations" "O Magna Vasti Creta, Call Of The Dance, Windjammer"

12 Squared Chamber Music

Cezanne's Doubt Paradiso Choruses And Saxophone Concerto

By A Spring Concerto For Violin And Orchestra

"Cocktail Music, Chansons Innocente, Stuck On Stella" "Remembrances, Sonata For Solo Violin"

Moravian Music By Michael Fourteen Songs

A Magnificent Collaboration New Music For Virtuosos

The Indianist Movement In American Music American Arts Songs With Chamber Ensemble

"Symphony No. 1, Celebration, Prologue & Variations" "Symphony No. 2, A Northern Ballad"

Candide (Opera House Version) Piano Works

Piano Works "Symphony No. 4, Symphony No. 5, Rhapsody"

"Concerto For Piano And Orchestra, The Head Of The Bad" "Piano Concerto, Variations For Orchestra"

Symphony No. 7 Symphony No. 2

"String Symphony, Sunday Morning, Eagles" "Twelve New Etudes, Battle Piece"

"Restless Winds, Speaking Alone, Passing Fancies, Krolish" "Symphony No. 4, Session 1"

"An Idyll For The Misbegotten, Vox Balaenae, Madrigals" Shamansong

Piano Music Choral Music

The Chamber Music Of Yehudi Wyner Choral Music

String Quartets Nos. 3 - 6 Chamber Music

Band Music Assassin Reverie

Bending The Light The Terrible Power Of The Orchestra

Chamber Music With Voice Portrait Of Three Ladies

American Chamber Music From The Sixties Choral Music

Music Of Evan Ziporyn Wind Quintets

Duo No. 1 For Violin & Piano; Quartet For Winds; Duo For Concerto For Violin & Orchestra; Concertante; Symphony F

"Sextets, Joy Of More Sextets" "Trio In C-sharp Minor; Trio For Violin, Violincello & Piano"

"Piano Concerto; Suite For Violin, Piano & Orchestra" Piano Works

"In Praise Of Shahn, Connotations, Black Maskers Suite" Modern Vocal Works

"Symphony For Strings, Piano Concerto" "Symphonies Nos. 8 & 9, Folk Overture"

"Symbolon, Concerto Grosso 1985, Double Quartet, Concerto" Symphony For Classical Orchestra; Nine Minute Overture

"Symphony No. 1, Overture To as You Like It" "Renaissance Concerto For Flute & Orchestra, Salomon Ross"

Lonesome Road Music From The Once Festival

The Music Of Stephen Hartke Chamber Music

Selected Works Recollections

Chamber Music Evidence Of Things Not Seen

Just Spring Electronic Music Of Ingram Marshall

Schlingen-blangen For Organ Chamber Music Of John Newton

Parthien 10-14 Chamber Music

Chamber Music Of Louis Karchin Piano Music Of David Kraehenbuehl

Five Works For Voices Shadowcatcher