Modern Choral Music "Karl Weigl: Songs With String Quartet, String Quartet No. 5"

"Del Tredici, Batstone & Ashforth: Song Cycles" Laderman & Brunswick: Quartets

"Music Of Putsch , Schafer & Weinberg" Julian Carillo: Mass For Pope John The Xxiii

The Koussevitsky Legacy "Korte, Seeger & Orbon: Chamber Works"

Blank & Flanagan: Vocal Works "Music Of Harrison, Perry & Gyring"

"Childs, Pleskow & Custer: Chamber Works" "Music Of Piston, Ruggles, Swanson & Hively"

Stewart & Keats: String Quartets "Layton, Spies & Whittenberg: Chamber Works"

"Music Of Thorne, Anderson & Brozen" Arthur Bennett Lipkin Conducts...

Music From Bennington Music Of Karel Husa

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"Music Of Arel, Wilson & Stern" First Annual Composers String Quartet Contest Winners

Music Of Josten & Kubik Columbia-princeton Electronic Music Center 10th Anniversary

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Wild Flag Last Words: The Final Recordings

Fania Records 1964-80 The Original Sound Of Latin Memories

Blnrb: Welcome To The Madhouse "Barber, Gruenberg & Bloch: Piano Works"

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Contemporary Piano Music "Riegger, Harris & Moss: Chamber Works"

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Contemporary Music From The University Of Iowa New Vocal Music

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