Hits Anthology Party Down

Mambo #5 Lover Girl

My Heart Will Go On Greatest Hits Remixes

Constantly You Changed Me

Just As I Am He'll Make A Way

Freestyle Then & Now Waiting For Your Love

Ooh Wee Lord You Sure Been Good Steal Away

Smooth Philly Soul / Various House Music All Night Long

After Hours (Rmst) Down By The Glenside: Songs Of Ireland (Rmst)

Music Of The Andes (Rmst) Dance By The Light Of The Moon (Rmst)

Back On Top West Coast Group Harmony Vol. 1

West Coast Group Harmony Vol. 2 Nu Groove Records Classics Vol. 2

Versatile Funk (Rmst) Blanche Ep (Rmst)

Timeless Romance (Rmst) On Broadway Ep (Rmst)

Isle Of Enchantment (Rmst) Polynesia (Rmst)

Latitude 20 (Rmst) Many Moods Of Arthur Lyman (Rmst)

Cotton Fields (Rmst) Blowin' In The Wind (Rmst)

"Funky Bass Lines, Vol. 1" "Funky Bass Lines, Vol. 2"

"Funky Bass Lines, Vol. 3" "Acapellas, Vol. 1"

"Acapellas, Vol. 2" "Acapellas, Vol. 3"

Shivaree! - A Folk Wedding Party Oldies But Goodies

Music From Dirty Dancing Bad Boys & Girls Of Country

Ragtime Favorites Vol. 1 Ragtime Favorites Vol. 2

Ragtime Favorites Vol. 4 Best Of Ragtime Vol. 1

Best Of Ragtime Vol. 2 Teen Hits Party Vol. 3

Back To The 70's Golden Oldies (Rmst)

Early Years (Rmst) Call Of The Midnight Sun (Rmst)

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Rmst) Traditional Music & Songs Of Old Paris (Rmst)

Traditional Music Of Indonesia (Rmst) Traditional Music Of The Incas (Rmst)

Virtuoso Guitar (Rmst) "At The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, Vol. 1 (Rmst)"

"At The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, Vol. 2 (Rmst)" Billie Holiday (Rmst)

Authentic Music Of The American Indian (Rmst) Roots Of Ragtime (Rmst)

Surfin' Wild (Rmst) Go! Go! Go! (Rmst)

Art Of The Flamenco (Rmst) Ragas With Sitar: Traditional Songs And Dances

American Indian Ceremonial And War Dances (Rmst) I Wanna Dance

Signs Of The Zodiac (Rmst) Tremendo Fieston (Rmst)

Get Away (Rmst) Opus (Rmst)

15 Exitos Bailables / Various (Rmst) Treasure Hunt (Rmst)

Por Tierra Y Por Mar (Rmst) La Distancia Es Como El Viento (Rmst)

Guajira De Salon (Rmst) Noche Cubana (Rmst)

La Alondra De Cuba (Rmst) El Grano (Rmst)

Drums Loco (Rmst) Folksongs And Dances Of Armenia And The Caucasus

An Evening In Budapest With Bela Babai (Rmst) Folk Songs And Dances Of North India (Rmst)

Medieval Music And Songs Of The Troubadors (Rmst) India Today (Rmst)

Art Of The Japanese Bamboo Flute (Rmst) Traditional Welsh Songs (Rmst)

Bonnie Bunch Of Roses (Rmst) Children's Songs (Rmst)

Elizabethan Songs (Rmst) Sings American And English Folk Songs And Ballads

We Three: A Jazz Approach To Stereo (Rmst) Live! Take:2 (Rmst)

Here Come The Coachmen! (Rmst) Tahiti (Rmst)

Harlem Jazz Scene - 1941 (Rmst) Countess Cathleen: A Verse Play By W. B. Yeats