Ca Tru: Music Of North Vietnam Celt

Unforgettable: The Standards Collection / Various In London

Avonlea Christmas He Got Game (1998)

Gold: Celebration Of Michael Flatley Unscripted

Songs In A Minor: 10th Anniversary Collectors Edit Guts & Gore Sound Effects / Various

Iggy & Ziggy: Sister Midnight Live At The Agora Halloween Party For Kids / Various

98 Scary Sounds / Various Haunted Halloween / Various

Great Civilizations Ghost The King & I (Jewl)

Rosslyn (Jewl) Trois Poetes

Det Basta Med Robyn Piccolo Pagliaccio Italiano

Tutto Dixieland Liscio E Balla

Il Trio Lescano Dai Microfoni Delle Swinging Pop

Original Album Series (Box) Original Album Series (Box)

Original Album Series (Box) Original Album Series (Box)

Plusieurs Lunes My Time My Favor

Live Your Love (Dig) (Eco) In Tha House

Love Life & Politics Acustico En Vivo

Captured Anthems For An Empty Bathtub & Anthems "A La Carte - Ligeti, Melis, Etc / Gy�rgy D�ri"

J�nos Boksay: Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom For Male Choir "...on Earth Peace, Good Will Towards Men... / Uribe, Lugosi"

"The Voice Of The Psalms - Chants, Bach / Schola Hungarica" "Codex Sanblasianus - Medieval Mass / Mezei, Et Al"

"Frid: Choral Works / Scholcz, Devich, Et Al" Heller: Works For Piano / Ilona Prunyi

"J�nos Fusz: Songs / Z�dori, Bentch, Horv�th" Where The Boys Are

"Reinecke: Sextet Op 271, Etc / Kleny�n, T�th, Nagy, Et Al" Just A Gigolo

"Hindemith: Chamber Music With Clarinet / Kleny�n, Nagy" Two Mozart Masterpieces In Contemporary Transcription

"Dittersdorf: Il Barone Di Rocca Antica / K�bor, Fodor" "New Music For Cimbalom - Farkas, Kocs�r, Etc / Herencs�r"

"Balassa: The Third Planet, Legenda / Ligeti, Sapszon," "Sweet Sins - Salon Music Of Luigi Denza / Mel�th, De Lisi"

"Tessarini: Introducioni A 4, Op. Xi / M�t�, Aura Musicale" "Stamitz: Duos For Violin And Viola Vol 2 / Szabady, Barsony"

"Spech: Fortepiano Pieces And Songs / Horv�th, Ratk�, Halmai" Beethoven: 9 Symphonies / Ferencsik

"Mozart, Haydn: Duos For Violin & Viola / Kelemen, Kokas" "Johann Friedrich Ruhe: Sonatas, Etc / Sandor Szaszvarosi"

"Leh�r: Romantic Serenade, Etc / R�sonyi, Gy�k�r, Et Al" Bart�k: Works For Piano Solo Vol 1 / Z�ltan Kocsis

Hungarian Songs - Star Will Light Up On Sky / Erno Kallai Kiss "Hubay: Works For Violin And Piano Vol 11 / Szecsodi, Kassai"

"Dubrovay: Trumpet Concerto No 2, Timbre Symphony, Etc / Horvath, Varga, De Chalendar, Kovacs, Et Al" My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection (Snyc)

Schein: Chamber Music For Brass / Ewald Brass Quintet Images - Budapest Jazz Orchestra Meets Kalman Olah

Divertissement: Works For Saxophone And Piano By Pierre Max Dubois Encores / Rivka Golani

Togobitsky: Song Of Solitude / Wind Quintet of the MR Symphony Orchestra "Weiner: Preludio, Notturno e Scherzo Diabolico; Liszt-Weiner: Sonata / Kovacs"

"Liszt & Liszt - Songs In Different Versions / Wiedemann, Brickner, Virag" Best Of: Platinum Collection (Eng) (Rmst)

Wildcrafted: Live At The Dakota * Central Avenue Breakdown

To: Kate: A Benefit For Kate's Sake #1 Hits Live

Christmas Stories / (Bonc) Christmas On TV

Really Saying Something: The Platinum Collection "Relax Your Mind / Jay Ungar, Molly Mason"

Sharecropper's Whine Mala Wielka Milosc / O.s.t.

Mister Lonely Soundtrack Lorenzo 1994

Lorenzo 1990-1995 Raccolta Laura Pausini (Italian)

Amarcord / O.s.t. Il Gattopardo / O.s.t.

Il Bidone / O.s.t. Giulietta Degli Spiriti / O.s.t.

Mondo Cane / O.s.t. Otto E Mezzo / O.s.t.

La Dolce Vita / O.s.t. La Citta Delle Donne / O.s.t.

Il Postino / O.s.t. Il Vizietto / O.s.t.

Joplin: Treemonisha / Original Cast Recording Haydn: 6 String Quartets Op 64 / T�trai Quartet

Let Us Rejoice! - Christmas In Central Europe / Kati Szvorak "Honauer: Keyboard Sonatas / Elek, Paulik"