Directed Verdict (Unabridged) Directive 51 (Unabridged)

Doctor Who: Logopolis (Unabridged) Death from the Deep

Death Gives an Encore Death Has Very Little Meaning

Death Hunt (Unabridged) Death in a Far Country (Unabridged)

Death in a Minor Key Death in a White Tie

Death in Hellfire (Unabridged) Doctor Who: Shining Darkness

Doctor Who: Sick Building (Unabridged) Deep Waters (Unabridged)

Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware (Unabridged) Jazmin's Notebook (Unabridged)

Deeper Than the Dead Deeper Than the Dead (Unabridged)

Deepsea Shootout (Unabridged) Deepsix (Unabridged)

Defeat Depression (Unabridged) Jason's Gold (Unabridged)

Different (Unabridged) Different Class

Dimension X: Child's Play (Dramatized) Dimension X: Courtesy (Dramatized)

Dimension X: Dr. Grimshaw's Sanatorium (Dramatized) Dimension X: Hello Tomorrow (Dramatized)

Dimension X: Knock (Dramatized) Dimension X: Nightfall (Dramatized)

Dimension X: Nightmare (Dramatized) Dimension X: Pebble in the Sky (Dramatized)

Dirt Music (Unabridged) "It's the Best Day Ever, Dad! (Unabridged)"

Dirty Bertie: (Unabridged) Dirty Laundry (Unabridged)

Dirty Laundry (Unabridged) Dirty Little Secrets

"Dirty Martini: Jack Daniels, Book 4 (Unabridged)" Dirty Money (Unabridged)

Dirty Work (Unabridged) "Death in Paradise: Jesse Stone, Book 3 (Unabridged)"

Jaguar (Unabridged) Death in the Cards

Death in the Dark Death in the Dojo (Unabridged)

Death in Uptown (Unabridged) Death is Now My Neighbour

Death Match (Unabridged) "Death Message: Tom Thorne, Book 7"

Jade Tiger (Unabridged) Defective Dating

Defend Against Negative People and Thoughts (Unabridged) Defend and Betray (Unabridged)

Defending American Interests Defending Billy Ryan (Unabridged)

Definitely Dead (Unabridged) Defiance (Unabridged)

Defiance (Unabridged) "Defiant: Kris Longknife, Book 3 (Unabridged)"

Deja Dead (Unabridged) Dimension X: Requiem (Dramatized)

Dimension X: Report on the Barnhouse Effect (Dramatized) Dimension X: The Embassy (Dramatized)

Dimension X: The Lost Race (Dramatized) Dimension X: The Outer Limit (Dramatized)

Dimension X: Time and Time Again (Dramatized) Dimension X: To the Future (Dramatized)

Dimension X: Universe (Dramatized) Dimension X: With Folded Hands (Dramatized)

Disappointment with God (Unabridged) Disappointment: Crises of Faith

Disarming the Power of Fear Disarming the Power of Guilt

Disaster Dewey

Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime Destination Unknown (Unabridged)

"Devil Bones: Temperance Brennan, Book 11" Devil's Manhunt (Unabridged)

Death of a Bad Man (Unabridged) "Death Message: Tom Thorne, Book 7 (Unabridged)"

Death of a Cad (Unabridged) Death of a Charming Man (Unabridged)

Death of a Dentist (Unabridged) Death of a Dissident

Death of a Dormouse: Felony & Mayhem Mysteries (Unabridged) Death of a Doxy (Unabridged)

Death of a Dude (Unabridged) Defining Moments (Unabridged)

Definite Article Defrosting Telephone Cold Calls

Defy Gravity (Unabridged) Deliver Us From Evil (Unabridged)

Degree of Guilt (Unabridged) Deirdre Bounds - Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Success: Anyone Can Do It

Dejados Atras [Left Behind] (Unabridged) Deliberate Church (Unabridged)

Dimensions of Scientific Thought (Unabridged) "Island Realm: Crystal Doors, Book 1 (Unabridged)"