Death in the Cotswolds (Unabridged) The Hacienda

The Hamlet (Unabridged) The Heritage of the Desert (Unabridged)

The Hired Man (Unabridged) The House of Pride (Unabridged)

The Story of Napoleon (Unabridged) Uncle Simon

Undaunted Courage (Unabridged) Under the Moon (Unabridged)

The Coal Tattoo (Unabridged) Unknown: A Special Edition of Out of My Head (Unabridged)

unPacIFic - War in the Peaceful Sea Vampire Darcy's Desire (Unabridged)

Secret Societies and the Global Conspiracy "Verb: Volume 1, No. 1"

Against Her Will (Unabridged) Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Unabridged)

Voodoo Island (Unabridged) Voodoo Planet (Unabridged)

Voyagers (Unabridged) Anna Karenina (Unabridged)

Wagons West California! (Unabridged) Walking Distance

"War, Peace, and All That Jazz, 1918-1945 (Unabridged)" Secrets (Unabridged)

The Island of Doctor Moreau (Unabridged) The Jungle Book (Adaptation)

The Lair of Bones (Unabridged) The Last Child (Unabridged)

The Last Warrior (Unabridged) The Legends of King Arthur & His Knights (Unabridged)

The Book of Tomorrow (Unabridged) The Lottery Winner (Unabridged)

The Book of Dead Days The Love Dare Day by Day (Unabridged)

The Love of a King (Unabridged) The Luzhin Defense (Unabridged)

The Magic Ladder to Success (Unabridged) Enjoy Great Sex

The Faerie Wars Chronicles (Unabridged) The Masks

The Matrix and Philosophy The Merchant of Venice (Unabridged)

The Story of the Bible (Unabridged) Jiggy McCue: The Killer Underpants (Unabridged)

Jiggy McCue: The Toilet of Doom (Unabridged) Julius Caesar: CliffsNotes (Unabridged)

Sherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son (Adaptation) (Unabridged) Sherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings (Adaptation) (Unabridged)

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories (Adaptations) (Unabridged) Sicario (Unabridged)

Simboli sacri degli indiani d'America [Sacred Symbols of Native Americans] (Unabridged) Singel i jul: En StorySide novell [Single at Christmas: A StorySide Novel] (Unabridged)

The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Unabridged) The History of the World Cup - 2010 Edition

Twenties Girl Sixteen Brides (Unabridged)

Sleep Deeply Snap Selling (Unabridged)

Somewhere in Time (Unabridged) The History of Theatre (Unabridged)

Secrets to Millionaire Success (Unabridged) South Phoenix Rules (Unabridged)

The Woman in White (Unabridged) The Stolen Smell (Unabridged)

Sexual Detox (Unabridged) Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy (Unabridged)

The Woods Out Back (Unabridged) Still Procrastinating (Unabridged)

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Unabridged) Stop Panic Attacks (Unabridged)

Stories Behind the Traditions and Songs of Easter (Unabridged) The Stinky Cheese Gypsies (Unabridged)

The Silence The Story of the Old Ram (Unabridged)

The Song of Bernadette (Unabridged) "The Song of Solomon, King James Version (Unabridged)"

The Sound and the Fury (Unabridged) The Spiritual World

The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You (Unabridged) The Surge (Unabridged)

The Story of the Cat and the Fiddle (Unabridged) Pasion sin Fronteras

The Travelling Vampire Show (Unabridged) The Trial (Unabridged)

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast (Unabridged) Blood Covenant (Unabridged)

Blood Fury (Unabridged) Star Wars: Rogue Planet

Bloodshot (Unabridged) The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Other Stories (Unabridged)

The Soldiers of Halla (Unabridged) The Solitary Man (Unabridged)

The Walking Drum (Unabridged) The Wealth of Nations (Unabridged)

The Witches of Pendle (Unabridged) The Withered Arm (Adaptation) (Unabridged)

The Song and the Sergeant (Unabridged) The History of Tom Jones