"This Country of Ours, Part 7, Section A (Unabridged)" Dandelion Wine (Unabridged)

"Dark Challenge: Dark Series, Book 5 (Unabridged)" Dawn's Prelude

De los Apeninos a los Andes [From the Apennines to the Andes] (Unabridged) Dead Man's Hand (Unabridged)

"This Country of Ours, Part 5 (Unabridged)" I Promise (Unabridged)

"I'll Have a Blue, Blue Christmas (Unabridged)" I'm Not Okay and Is It Just Me? (Unabridged)

I'm Not Okay! & Is It Just Me? (Unabridged) Identity Theft (Unabridged)

Il fu Mattia Pascal [The Late Mattia Pascal] (Unabridged) Il Piacere (The Pleasure) (Unabridged)

Il Principe Felice (The Happy Prince) (Unabridged) Illuminated (Unabridged)

In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? (Unabridged) In Praise of Pip

Three Kinds of Asking for It (Unabridged) Ingles al Espanol

Invaders from the Infinite (Unabridged) Three Little Ghosts (Unabridged)

The Now Show Book of World Records Invitation to Solitude and Silence (Unabridged)

Is That Thing Diesel? (Unabridged) The Nursery Storybook (Unabridged)

It Happens Every Spring (Unabridged) It Takes a Family

It's Not My Fault (Unabridged) It's Your Call (Unabridged)

Jessie (Unabridged) Jesus (Unabridged)

Jesus: 90 Days With the One and Only (Unabridged) The Demon Hunter's Apprentice - Book Two: Tombs of Bahbala (Unabridged)

Journey to the Emerald City The Demon Hunter's Apprentice (Unabridged)

Even the Dogs (Unabridged) Everybody Wins (Unabridged)

Evig karlek [Eternal Love] (Unabridged) Experiencing Prayer with Jesus (Unabridged)

Experiencing the Cross (Unabridged) Experiencing the Resurrection (Unabridged)

Experiencing the Spirit (Unabridged) Extravagant Worship (Unabridged)

This Little World (Unabridged) Eyes of the Innocent (Unabridged)

Face of Betrayal (Unabridged) So Wild a Dream (Unabridged)

Falling for You Again (Unabridged) False Witness (Unabridged)

Faster Fasting Made Easy

Father Fiction (Unabridged) Sno: En StorySide novell [Snow: A StorySide Novel] (Unabridged)

Sophie and the Shadow Woods (1) - The Goblin King (Unabridged) Three Rivers Rising (Unabridged)

Three Wise Cats (Unabridged) Kingdoms of the Night (Unabridged)

Kiss (Unabridged) L'uomo dal fiore in bocca (The Man with the Flower in His Mouth) (Unabridged)

Space Crime Conspiracy (Unabridged) Laura

Lead Like Jesus Leadership by Example (Unabridged)

Leading with a Limp Leave a Candle Burning (Unabridged)

Lee (Unabridged) Left Behind (Unabridged)

Leota's Garden (Unabridged) Lessons from the Road (Unabridged)

Let Them Eat Fruitcake (Unabridged) Letters from a Skeptic (Unabridged)

Arctic Drift (Unabridged) Blizzard of the Blue Moon (Unabridged)

Lies the Government Told You (Unabridged) Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free

Lies Young Women Believe (Unabridged) Life Everlasting

Life Management for Busy Women Life Support (Unabridged)

"Life's Challenges, Your Opportunities (Unabridged)" The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Unabridged)

Lioness Arising (Unabridged) Live Like You Mean It (Unabridged)

Living in Love (Unabridged) Living on Baby Time (Unabridged)

Living on Our Heads (Unabridged) Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World (Unabridged)

Lo strano caso del Dr. Jekyll e Mr. Hyde [The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde] (Unabridged) Lonestar Homecoming (Unabridged)

Lonestar Secrets (Unabridged) Long Distance Call

Giles the Sex Therapist: Penis Size (Unabridged) Giles the Sex Therapist: Pleasure (Unabridged)

Gimme My Money Back (Unabridged) Through the Looking-Glass

Global Warning (Unabridged) God Built (Unabridged)

God Has a Dream for Your Life (Unabridged) God in the Marketplace (Unabridged)